Grace 747 Tonearm

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The Grace G-747 uses a lightweight, straight pipe design with all the robust characteristics of the 6mm diameter alloy pipe utilised on the earlier G-707 model retained, with a new process for additional rigidity.

We have developed a plug-in headshell which has succeeded in eliminating the dead mass found in many types of European headshell connectors.

The headshell itself is composed of specially hard-processed 2mm thick aluminium alloy.

The pivot points incorporate ultra-high precision micro bearings which have been finished to an extremely fine degree of tolerance.

The arm support system of the G-747 is by a proven gimbal support system, similar to the types utilised in aeronautical gyroscopic equipment - because it's vertical and horizontal parts all move under identical conditions, this system is ideal for stereo discs.


Overall length: 293-321mm

Effective length: 237mm

Angle of rotation: approx 80 degrees

Overhang: 15mm

Balance system: static balance

Tracking force adjustment: rotary, 0.1g steps

Output cable: plug-in system, moulded type

Head connector: plug-in system, lightweight headshell (approx 6g)

Range of usable weight: 4-10g

J weight use: 10-17g (optional)


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