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MUTECH corp. has been manufacturing MC cartridge and the pressure rising transformer for more than 50 years, and MUTECH corp. was founded by Mr. Eiji Kanda who involved the transformer development by various audio equipment manufactures, and MUETECH started the joint development together with K.K. Spec. from 1959. The accuracy and technology of MUTECH are being regarded with high esteem by not only Japanese also foreign audio manufactures so that MUTECH supported development cooperation to many brands and committed OEM production.
This know how created the perfect “MUTECH/LM-H” as MUTECH original MC cartridge.
“MUTECH/LM-H” was discontinued to apply the Yoke material that are used for most MC cartridge and directly applied Core self-developed into the magnet, that’s why MUTECH that has thoroughly mastered the knowledge about the magnetic material was able to realize the breakthrough low impedance and high output cartridge this time.  



〇Low Impedance and high output with original Core ( SS-μM )and bobbin.
〇Removed Yoke, place Core ( SS-μM)into Ring Magnet directly, the magnetic special quality is improved.
The magnetic distortion is avoided.
〇The impedance of Coil is so small, that an electric current to the voltage becomes big.
Finally the sound stage is made clear.
〇Original custom made suspension wire made sound quality highly.


・Model : LM-H
・Type : Low impedance MC Cartridge
・Output voltage : 0.4mmV ( 1kHz, 3.45cm/sec) 
  ・Tracking force range : 1.8~2.0g
・Frequency response : 10~45,000Hz
・Coil impedance : 1.3Ω(DCR) 
・Cross Talk : more28dB(1kHz)
・Chanel balance : less 0.5db(1kHz)
・Stylus : semi-line contact stylus  
・Cantilever : φ0.3mm nude boron 
・Weight : 9g
・Terminal : rhodium plating 

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